Climate Change Mitigation


Ray of Light

Reduce Deforestation

Nearly 3 billion people in the world use traditional cookstoves or open fires using solid fuels. We promote adoption and use of cleaner, healthier, more efficient improved cookstoves (ICS) focused especially on rural and peri-urban households.

Using social impact investment resources and carbon financing, we work with international partners to distribute cleaner burning, more efficient cookstoves, and improved kitchen ventilation to base-of-the pyramid households. 



Fuel and Thermal Efficiency

The TLC-CQC Rocket Stove

  • Reduces household expenditures for firewood in urban areas 50%-80%.

  • Reducing demand on natural forest in and around agricultural landscapes by making efficient the combustion of sustainable biomass fuels such as small diameter twigs, branches and crop residues that are not suitable for three stone fire cooking.

  • Reducing the time spent by women and girls gathering firewood, freeing up time for their preferred activities, including for attending schools, health clinics and small-scale income earning activities. A recent study carried out for us in a project site in Zambia showed time savings for women of over 2 hours per day.

  • Reducing the incidence of child pneumonia which is amongst the largest cause of infant mortality in Africa, caused mostly by biomass smoke exposure in poorly ventilated spaces.

  • Women cooking over an open fire have exposure to pollutants the equivalent of smoking two packs of unfiltered cigarettes per day.

  • Over its 5-10 year lifetime, this improved brick and metal cookstove for rural Africa saves more CO₂ than taking a car off the road in the USA for a year.

  • Lowers overall greenhouse gas emissions by 60-80%.